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Looking at setting up an entity in Mauritius?

What we do for you

In our capacity as registered agent, we set up your authorised companies, open the bank account, provide professional office address and corporate director services.

As a licensed MC, we are entitled to incorporate private companies holding Global Business Licence (GBL) for non-Mauritius individuals and institutional clients.

We offer formation services to foreign citizens wishing to conduct business mainly outside of Mauritius through public companies holding Global business licence for tax benefits.


A PCC is a cost effective structure. We assist and guide you in the structuring stage, incorporate your PCC, apply for any additional licence the PCC may require, provide directorship and administration services.

We assist during the fund structuring stage, set up your fund, act as qualified company secretary, provide high calibre Mauritius-resident directors and a professional business address, we open bank accounts in the name of the Fund.

We provide share dealing services, administration assistance to the trading desk, calculation of performance, management, trailer and other fees. Equalisation. NAV calculation. Running of valuation report. Bookkeeping and Accounting. Maintain compliance.

Maintain registers and other statutory records, organise board meetings and AGM, communication handling, compliance and MLRO reporting which includes risk reporting, prepare documents for inspections, ensure that the FSC has latest fund documentation, filing of interim and final accounts.

Work alongside the fund managers and advisers (underwriters, stockbrokers, lawyers and other experts) for the preparation of listing particulars and other application documents. Undertake due diligence, submit application to the stock exchange and follow up until listing approval is granted. Register the listing particulars with the FSC.

We assist you in the structuring process, register your limited partnership in Mauritius, provide secretarial, administration and accounting services to your LP. We ensure your LP is at all times in conformity with the laws of Mauritius.

A société is governed by the Code Napoleon. One of our specialists, bilingual for having lived and studied in France and the UK, and worked in French and English speaking countries, will assist you in the formation and administration of your société in Mauritius.

We assist foreign citizens in the application process to acquire Occupational permit as investors for a period of 10 years. We connect you with real estate firms, assist you in your employment process and guide you in all your relocation aspect.

An Occupation permit allows a professional to work and reside in Mauritius for a renewable period of 3 years. We take care of all the permit application process and follow up with the authorities until the OP is granted. We connect the professionals with real estate companies and advise on the work culture and lifestyle in Mauritius.

Let us help you get a 10 years residence permit to enjoy a happy retirement in Mauritius as from the age of 50. We streamline the administrative process of your residence permit application and assist you for a trouble-free relocation to Mauritius.

We set up your ship management company holding global business licence and register your vessels in Mauritius. We provide management and administration services to your company. We also assist you in the transfer of your flag to Mauritius.

Set up and administer companies holding discount broker, broker, full service dealer (exc. underwriting) and full service dealer (inc. underwriting) licences.

Advise on structure, register your investment adviser entity in Mauritius so you can provide investment advice and manage the investment portfolios of your clients located mainly outside of Mauritius.

We provide licence application services in our capacity as licensed MC ffor Financial Services Providers, Capital Market Intermediaries, CIS and CEF and other licences granted by the FSC.

We set up and administer your PIS (also known as Payment Service Provider – PSP) in Mauritius. Our formation and administration services include structuring advice during the set-up process, provision of directorship. registered office address, accounting, maintaining bank accounts and compliance.

Our fiduciary services includes the establishment of your discretionary trust, opening the bank account and acting as qualified trustee. Providing administration services as and when required.

Advise during the structuring process, work alongside the lawyer for the drafting of the trust deed, establish the trust and provide trusteeship and compliance services.

Offering formation and administration services to all types of trusts by a team of offshore professionals who are committed the satisfaction of families, individuals and institutional clients.

We assist High Net Worth Individuals, families and entrepreneurs in their role as philanthropist through the establishment of charitable trusts and provision of administration, trusteeship and accounting services.

We STREAMLINE your application process and administration
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Africa Focus

Countries of Investments (%)

Segmentation of GBCs established in Mauritius from February 2019 to April 2020.

  • Africa
  • India
  • China
  • Asia
  • America
  • Europe
  • Oceania

Data source: FSC Mauritius

Out of all GBCs established in Mauritius during the above-mentioned period, Africa has been the most targeted country with 62% representing investment across Africa.

Sectors of GBCs Operations

“Company Name” covers licence applications and administration for all sectors of operations and the main sectors we serviced over the past year are:

Investment Dealers

We have provided company formation services to investment dealers from different locations to apply for the following licences: Discount broker, Broker, Full Service Dealer (excluding Underwriting), Full Service Dealer (including Underwriting).

Investment Holding

This is a frequent task. We advise and set up single and multi-layer structures, such as trust acting as shareholder of a Global Business Corporation (GBC), which in turn hold shares in entities across the world. We often restructure entities as part of debt restructuring strategies and this involves the use of several entities.

Investment Advisers

Assisting investment advisers during their licence application process and thereafter providing administration services and ensuring that the entities remain in compliance with the laws of Mauritius.

Global Funds

We’ve had the opportunity to advise and assist fund managers in their application process for Derivative funds, money market funds, fixed income funds and private equity funds mainly investing across Africa.

Planning your succession.

Fixed Income

Private Trust





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Investment Dealers