We are an independent management company licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius.

Our staff consists of knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable individuals who are able to demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and integrity.


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DC - onshore

A domestic company is what can be qualified as an onshore (Mauritius) company. You can easily register your domestic company through Blue Azurite. Filing and follow-up is merely a matter of walking over to the Registrar of Companies, which is only 5 minutes’ walk from our offices.

AC - offshore

We register your tax-neutral Mauritius offshore company, open the bank account with IBAN, SWIFT and Internet Banking facilities, provide professional office address and mail forwarding services and act as your corporate director if required.

GBC/GBL - offshore

We provide registration services to private and public companies, bank account opening, provision of Mauritius resident directors, act as company secretary, apply for tax residence certificates as well as double tax treaties applications. Administer your company, and provide accounting and filing services to principally foreign residents looking at conducting business primarily outside of Mauritius.

PTC - Offshore

We are familiar with what we would call the light version of a family office structure, which balances the right powers of settlors to avoid undue influence of siblings. Any MC can setup a PTC for you, but one needs to understand the proper way of structuring it to avoid ending up with a sham argument. Talk to us!

PCC - onshore/offshore

The PCC is a cost-effective umbrella structure allowing for the segregation of assets and operations. We assist and guide you throughout the incorporation and licensing processes based on your business model and provide the necessary statutory services and administration to comply with the licensing criteria.

Nominee - onshore/offshore

As nominee shareholders, we protect the identity of ultimate beneficial owners who retain full rights and ownership of their businesses. In addition, we offer nominee directors, so that the identity of the person running the business is protected.

Investment dealers and advisers

As evidenced by the register of licensees on the FSC’s website, Blue Azurite is among the most experienced Management Companies in Mauritius for incorporating and administering capital market intermediaries licensees’ activities. This includes Investment Dealers and Investment Advisers licences.

Specialised Financial Services

There is no complicated licence for Blue Azurite once you have your business model clear and defined. You can rely on us to assist you right from the structuring and licensing process through to the administration, accounting and statutory filing of your Payment Intermediary Services (PIS) entity in Mauritius.

Other Financial Activities

As a Management Company licensed and regulated by the FSC in Mauritius, we provide services to all licenseable activities and these include Assets Management, Distribution of Financial Products, Treasury Management, Custodian Services, Family Office, Peer to Peer Lending, Robotic and Artificial Intelligence Enabled Advisory Services, Crowdfunding, Crowdfunding and fund management amongst others.


The Virtual Asset and Initial Token Offering Services Act came into force in 2022 allowing virtual asset broker-dealers, wallet services, custodians, advisors and virtual asset exchanges to be licensed by the FSC in Mauritius. We thrive on new challenges and are more than ready to set up and administer your virtual asset entity in Mauritius.

Pre-incorporation stage

As a promoter and/or fund manager, you want to get your structure right from start. In our role as experienced administrators of mutual funds, hedge funds, REITs and private equity funds, we assess and guide you during the structuring process to ensure the fund is licensed appropriately based on its investment objectives and strategies.

Incorporation stage

Our setup service includes the drafting of constitutive documents such as the memorandum of articles, private placement memorandum or prospectus, various agreements, and manuals. Liaising with all related parties from a due diligence perspective and finalising the constitutive documents to be submitted to the FSC and Registrar of Companies.

Listing stage

The services we provide include the establishment of public corporations, conversion, attending stock exchange meeting(s) on behalf or together with the promoter, fund manager, or issuer, drafting of listing particulars, and other application documents for the listing of funds on national and foreign stock exchanges.

Fund administration

Offering comprehensive fund administration, NAV calculation, and accounting services that provide comfort to investors in terms of segregation of duties and transparency in reporting. We are nonetheless flexible if fund managers wish to keep these tasks under one roof or appoint a CIS administrator licensed in another jurisdiction.

Inter vivos

A very effective tool for planning for one’s own disability and for avoiding probate. Trust can be created during one’s lifetime, but it becomes irrevocable upon one’s death. Blue Azurite can assist you in developing an appropriate trust deed in this regard.

Mostly tax-oriented

Yet tax results shouldn’t be the sole determining factor of how much control the settlor retains over the trust. Irrevocable trusts can be flexible, talk to us.

Trust under one's will

Testamentary trusts are often included in one’s will and become effective upon death. As testamentary trusts are formed following death, one cannot have ongoing control over them. Blue Azurite knows how one can change the provisions of a testamentary trust. Talk to us.


If you set up trusts for your descendants, your children and/or grandchildren will be beneficiaries. There are instances where “left-handed families” or an adopted person as a child are secured as beneficiaries under trust instruments. How will one’s descendants be determined in the future? What about spouses of children and grandchildren? There can be a host of issues to address. Let us help you.

LLP - offshore

We provide formation and administration services to professionals, consultants, and legal advisors wishing to establish their LLPs in Mauritius as well as those requiring the registration of their foreign LLPs for continuation under the same identity, rights, and obligations in Mauritius.

LP - onshore / offshore

Advise on all aspects of using the Mauritius Limited Partnership (LP) vehicle based on your business model. This includes setting up the LP in Mauritius and providing secretarial, administration as well as accounting services once the LP is established. Full-service administration is provided where the LP is established as a fund.

Step 1

If you are reading this section of our website, it might be out of curiosity or because you want to work and live in Mauritius either temporarily or permanently or simply retire here. Depending on your needs, we will guide you to ensure the permit granted is renewable if you so require or accommodates a conversion if you wish to stay permanently on the island.

step 2

Our dedicated team will assist you in gathering information about accommodation/property acquisition, renting/leasing or purchasing a vehicle, and schooling for your children. We will advise you on the healthcare system and the dos and don’ts in Mauritius.

Step 3

Now that we have gone through step 1 and 2 together, we will work on the application form and the documents required to be submitted to the authorities. We shall follow-up with EDB (which is an easy walk from our office) and the other parties involved to ensure the permit is approved and granted within a reasonable timeframe.

Step 4

The time has come to finalise your relocation process by signing your lease agreement or title deed if you have acquired a property, with keys in hand (or held at our offices). At this stage, you may be very busy organising your move from your current location, and we make sure to take care of the Mauritian side of things for you.

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Growth participation - FDI Outflow (most targeted regions)

Regions of FDI Outflow (%)

Segmentation of FDI Outflow for GBCs established in Mauritius from June 2020 to June 2021.

Data source: FSC Mauritius

Out of all GBCs established in Mauritius during the above-mentioned period, South Asia has been the most active region, with 67.64% FDI outflow from Mauritius.

Sectors of GBCs Operations

Blue Azurite covers licence applications and administration for all sectors of operations and the main sectors we serviced over the past year are:

Investment Dealers

We have provided company formation services to investment dealers from different locations to apply for the following licences: Discount broker, Broker, Full Service Dealer (excluding Underwriting), Full Service Dealer (including Underwriting).

Investment Holding

This is a frequent task. We advise and set up single and multi-layer structures, such as trust acting as shareholder of a Global Business Corporation (GBC), which in turn hold shares in entities across the world. We often restructure entities as part of debt restructuring strategies and this involves the use of several entities.

Investment Advisers

Assisting investment advisers during their licence application process and thereafter providing administration services and ensuring that the entities remain in compliance with the laws of Mauritius.

Investment Funds

We’ve had the opportunity to advise and assist fund managers in their application process for mutual funds, hedge funds and private equity funds investing mainly across Africa.

Planning your succession.

Fixed Income

Private Trust





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