Mauritius Africa Fintech Hub: is it for investors?

The fintech sector offers investors various opportunities, especially in Africa. However, entering such markets can be a complex task for a venture capitalist. While this industry will ensure your growth, it is not always easy to drive innovation through investment when you have to deal with local legislations and licensing issues. These can hamper tech development and consequently business and industry expansion. Nonetheless, the current era that we live in means that there is a call for businesses and governments alike to be open to tech disruption because this will improve the whole outlook for the continent. Moreover, we should not forget that tech ecosystems help ease the journey from innovation to market viable product.

Advantages for investors wishing to join the MATH

While investors would benefit from venturing into the fintech market, they might need some assistance or guidance. That is why joining the Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub would be a good idea. The following are some advantages of being part of the organisation:

  • Having access to a network of pan-African, Mauritian governments, corporates, FSPs, investors, fintech businesses, tech experts, entrepreneurs, fintech businesses and SMEs that is already very well established.
  • Being introduced to vetted tech innovators, SMEs and entrepreneurs.
  • Businesses that are part of the hub can get access to licencing support and may even have their applications fast-tracked. This means that investing within the hub will allow your venture to have an increased likelihood of getting its licensing approved.
  • Sharing and benefiting from the resources and knowledge of other businesses and legal and tech experts that form part of the Hub.
  • Attending roundtable events with regulatory bodies and help shape future fintech regulation.
  • Mauritius has a number of investment agreements in place with African states. This means that these can act as a buffer on behalf of those looking to enter emerging markets or invest in African fintech businesses.
  • Enjoying facilitated free workshops with government representatives, regulators and other decision-makers, providing an opportunity to shape future regulations.
  • Enjoying free or subsidised office space in Mauritius’s city centre.

Why work with a fintech hub based in Mauritius?

Mauritius is the ideal location for a fintech hub because of several reasons besides its proximity to Africa, of course. For instance, it

  • has a strong reputation for safety thanks to its several Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPAs) established with a number of African states. As such, it can act as a protective barrier between local African governments and businesses looking to enter new markets, and
  • is a known International Financial Centre which is widely known for its safety. The Mauritian business world is popular for its corporate governance culture as well as it’s stability. As such, it is the ideal sandbox environment.
  • Several fintech businesses offering their products in Africa have set up operations in Mauritius. Thus, a template already exists for investors. This means that there is a pool of knowledge, networks and experience for them to draw from.

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