Mauritius: the fastest growing wealth market in Africa

This island of Mauritius has been attracting hundreds of investors because of several factors. It offers several advantages, both on a personal and on a professional level, so much so that it is now the fastest growing wealth market in Africa. This was revealed by a study from the intelligence firm New World Wealth. The country earned this title because of the number of millionaires who have decided to establish a business and to move to the country. In the year 2017 alone, this number grew by 20%.

The report looked at the performance of high-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) in selected African countries between 2006 and 2016. These are individuals with a wealth of $1 million or more. The study placed Mauritius at the top in the continent for HNWIs. The strong growth of millionaires in the island can be attributed to several factors. These are:

  • Migration: a large number of wealthy individuals have moved to the island throughout the past ten years, especially from countries such as France and South Africa. 280 millionaires from the latter alone have migrated to Mauritius since 2006.
  • The jurisdiction’s strong economic growth and its thriving and expanding financial sector, especially in relation to offshore banking, fund management and private banking services.
  • Residency permits are given to a foreigner purchasing a home that is worth US$500,000 or more.
  • Secure ownership rights: This is the most important factor defining successful wealth creation across the globe. Ownership rights are very strong in Mauritius and this motivates people to invest in property and businesses in the country.
  • Low taxes: Related regulations both encourage business formation and appeal to retirees. Company and personal income tax rates are at only 15%, with no inheritance or capital gains tax.
  • Low level of government interference in the business sector, in contrast to other countries such as South Africa which has exchange controls, high taxes, big trade unions and BEE hiring requirements.
  • Ease of doing business in the country. Mauritius is ranked first in World Bank’s 2016 Doing
  • Business Report.
  • A well-developed banking system and stock exchange program. This motivates people to invest their money in the country and to expand their wealth locally. It also ensures that economic growth taking place filters through wealth creation.
  • Those living in Mauritius are free to invest in foreign countries with no exchange controls. As such, the country can be leveraged as a business and investment hub.
  • It is a convenient base for investing and doing business in Southern and Eastern Africa.
  • It has a well-developed free media infrastructure.
  • Good lifestyle with several facilities. Residents can enjoy modern amenities as well as the beaches, golf courses and breath-taking scenery. They can also access first-class food & produce and top schools such as such as Northfields and International Preparatory School (IPS).
  • Safety: Besides its low crime rate, Mauritius has been rated by New World Wealth as the safest country in Africa.
  • Low jobless rate and low inflation rate.

Thanks to all these factors and further developments, it is expected that millionaires will keep moving to the country. According to analysts, there will be a 130% increase over the next decade.

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