Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment for the NPO Sector in Mauritius

The risk assessment identified the following six types of NPOs as meeting the FATF definition of NPOs

Nature of the TF Threat to NPOs in Mauritius

1. The abuse of NPOs to promote extremist ideologies.

2. The abuse of NPOs to finance or facilitate foreign terrorist fighters.

3. The abuse of NPOs to finance terrorism overseas.

Six features, characteristics or activities were identified which increase the risk of TF abuse amongst NPOs in Mauritius.

NPOs and NPO activities likely to be at increased risk of TF abuse

1. Cross border movement of funds.

2. Alternative sources of funds and remittance systems.

3. Involvement in complex international transactions or structures.

4. Cash fund-raising from anonymous sources.

5. Ethnic or religious activities.

6. Charitable Trusts.

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