A Beneficial Owner (BO) or an Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) means any natural person who ultimately owns or controls an entity or the natural person on whose behalf a transaction or activity is being conducted in relation to an entity.

An Authorised Company cannot acquire a property in Mauritius. Property acquisitions by foreigners are accessible through different types of schemes dedicated for that purpose.

Any entity and bank account for that matter of fact can be set up remotely. It is compulsory for you to appoint a Management Company (MC) such as Blue Azurite to provide such service.

No you don’t. Personal and corporate bank accounts can be opened remotely by appointing Blue Azurite, an eligible introducer with the banks in Mauritius, to liaise with the bank of your choice to open the bank accounts.

A flat rate of 15% is applied on domestic companies and GBCs. However GBCs benefit from an 80% partial exemption on certain types of income and have access to tax relief under double tax treaties.

Authorised companies are tax exempt provided they don’t conduct business in Mauritius.

Trusts and foundations are tax neutral entities.

Bearer shares have been abolished in Mauritius a long time ago, so no entities can be formed with bearer shares being issued. Banks in Mauritius will not accept foreign companies holding bearer shares too.

A resident director is not a nominee director as it acts in all independence without a nominee agreement.

Of course you can. Foreigners are most welcome in Mauritius.

You can come to Mauritius either as an investor, a professional or self-employed. Those who wish to retire in Mauritius may apply under the retired scheme.

The laws have been amended recently to allow dependents (spouse, children and parents) to also work in Mauritius.

A minimum investment of USD50,000 in a company established in Mauritius is now required to acquire an investor’s permit in the form of an Occupational Permit in Mauritius.

The permit is now issued for a period of 10 years and will be renewed after the 10 year period if the company generates a minimum turnover of MUR6 million (~USD115,000) per year as from the third year of registration.

You can move your authorised company and/or global business company to Blue Azurite.

Blue Azurite, in its capacity as a management company (MC) licensed by the FSC, provides registered agent services, directorship, a professional business address, company secretarial services and all other services provided by an MC to your entity(ies).

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