What is a Global Business Company (GBC)

The GBC is a Mauritius offshore entity that allows foreign citizens to obtain unique taxation and protection advantages while offering their services mainly outside of Mauritius.

A GBC can take the form of a private company which is constituted of a minimum of 1 and maximum of 25 private shareholders or a public company composed of two shareholders or more than 25 shareholders or a protected cell company, a limited partnership, an investment fund or other legal arrangement.

Why a GBC?

Mauritius has a residence-based tax system and the GBC is recognised as tax resident and avails to several benefits if it meets the regulatory substance criteria and demonstrates that its place of effective management is in Mauritius.

Tax Benefits

GBCs have access to 80% partial exemption on its corporate tax and benefits from foreign tax credit if the investment has suffered withholding taxes on its foreign-sourced income. GBCs are not subject to any capital gains tax and withholding taxes on distribution in Mauritius.

Why set up in Mauritius?

Mauritius is classified as the African Financial Centre per excellence for investors and professionals investing and conducting businesses across Africa, Europe and Asia.

1st in Africa

44 DTAAs

Mauritius has signed the most Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with African states.

Business Facilication

1st in Africa for Ease of Doing Business with a regulatory environment conducive to business operations.

A Neutral Jurisdiction

Mauritius benefits from being part of Africa without being in Africa and this is recognised as a neutral jurisdiction for foreign direct investment in Africa. Mauritius has built a well regulated yet business friendly jurisdiction.

No Exchange Control

No approval is required for the repatriation of profits, dividends and capital gains earned by a foreign investor in Mauritius. No limitation on the amount that can be transferred abroad.

Preferential Trade

GBCs are granted duty free access, tariff preferences, reduction and elimination of trade barriers as well as market access under the AGOA legislation, SADC, COMESA, IOC and EPA-EU.

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Setting up a GBC

General Information
  • 100% foreign shareholder allowed
  • Registered office in Mauritius
  • Two Mauritius resident directors required
  • No minimum paid up capital
  • Financial Statements to be audited
  • Filing of tax return compulsory
  • Records not opened to public for inspection
Considering corporate restructuring?
One amongst the several restructuring options
Registration Process
  • 1


    Coordinate with all concerned parties. Conducts due diligence. Drafting of constitutive documents and agreements.

  • 2


    Law firm review documents and issue legal certificate. We submit the application.

  • 3


    Follow up with the authorities and coordinate with client to respond to FSC queries (if any).

  • 4


    Registrar issues Certificate of Incorporation. First board meeting is held to ratify licensing conditions.

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