Who we are?

We are an independent management company licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius.

We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and strive to deliver services that exceed our clients’ expectations.Our portfolio of clients include a large array of entrepreneurs, institutions and high net worth individuals.

Our overarching goal is to foster long term relationships by helping you create, build and protect your wealth throughout your career and into retirement.

Service delivery and flexibility are key components of our business. Providing our clients with a wide range of services is what we do to ensure that they receive the assistance they need to meet their professional and personal goals. Our staff consists of knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable individuals who are able to demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and integrity.

As a proactive partner, we anticipate change and implement solutions to ensure objectives are met.

Looking at setting up an entity in Mauritius?

Company formation service in Mauritius?

The specialists at Blue Azurite have considerable knowledge and experience in the formation of stand-alone and offshore entities forming part of complex structures across several jurisdictions.

We incorporate different types of offshore companies in Mauritius and these are:

Authorised Company

Global Business Licence company

Protected Cell Company

Private Trust Company

Our corporate team streamlines the process of forming your company, working alongside your legal and tax advisers and advising on the features of Mauritius companies to warrant that the most appropriate structure is formed.

We provide the components that guarantee conformity with the laws, rules and regulations governing your company in Mauritius during the incorporation process and thereafter and these include:

» Individual and corporate directors

» Professional business address where the company’s records are kept

» Company Secretary

Once your company is incorporated, we ensure that your business benefits from an all-inclusive operational and practical service, ranging from administration, compliance, bookkeeping, payroll, filing of returns, accounting, assistance in locating the right premises whenever required and short listing and conducting job interviews if employment of Mauritian citizens/residents is considered.

We take pride in connecting our clients to the world while contributing to the constant evolution of the financial services sector in Mauritius as a licensed Management Company.

Considered as one of the main pillars of the Mauritius economy, the Financial and Insurance activities contributed 11.8% to the GDP with a growth rate of 5.2% in 2019.

Very focused and responsive. The team at Blue Azurite made sure we were guided as per our business model. We were amazed by the level of professionalism and we are to looking forward to working with the team for many years to come.

Corporate client

Fiduciary services

The right use of trust and foundation are key to the financial security of your loved ones and yourself. Not only should your deed and/charter be properly documented, having an experienced and knowledgeable professional is key to ensure that the correct approach is used for your objectives and occurrences.

Blue Azurite as a Qualified Trustee

Our competence in establishing several offshore trust and providing trusteeship thereto is classified by the powers and confidence conferred on us by founders in our capacity as qualified trustee, authorised to provide professional trustee services under our management company licence in Mauritius.

Integrity is the key trait that distinguishes us as qualified trustee and this attribute is considered vital from a founder’s standpoint.

The person you choose as a qualified trustee should be able to handle the trust’s assets with care and due diligence. During our tenure as a qualified trustee, our ability to manage assets coupled with our long-standing experience in managing complex investment structures is viewed by many founders as a value-added component.

Thank you Blue Azurite. You have been very swift and your work ethics are second to none. Well done. Will definitely refer my friends.


Fund services?

Our fund administration service is based on a commitment to quality and continuous support for all parties concerned. We assign the right fund administration team with a high level of competence and integrity coupled with the right technology.

Our directors are deeply involved from an administrative point of view, building trust with all stakeholders on an ongoing basis.

The scope of our investment fund services is organised at different stages during which each service is defined accordingly.

This is a general overview of the set up and ongoing administration provided for all types of funds. A detailed scope of service relevant to the type of fund to be established and administered is provided after speaking to the promoter and/or fund manager.

Structuring and set up stage

  • Advise on the appropriate structure according to the fund’s specifications
  • Work alongside the legal counsel for the drafting and reviewing of constitutive documents and PPM or Prospectus and operating agreements
  • Establish fund accounting policies and operational procedures
  • Assist the fund manager in getting the approval to manage the fund (applicable if the fund is not established as a self-managed fund)
  • Provision of Mauritius resident directors
  • Provision of company secretary
  • Provision of registered address

Pre-Launch/Launch stage

  • Organise first board meeting to ratify licence conditions
  • Open the bank account(s) of the fund
  • ISIN registration and Bloomberg ticker application (if applicable)
  • Ensure that a final copy of final policies, procedures, ppm or prospectus and operation agreements are submitted to the FSC
  • Coordinate the execution of operating agreements
  • Run 1st valuation to launch the fund (different ways of launching depending on the types of funds

Ongoing fund administration

  • Capital calls
  • Share dealing (subscriptions, redemptions, switches, etc.)
  • administration to trading desk
  • computation of fees (management, performance, trailer etc.)
  • Equalisation
  • Recording and maintenance of fund investments
  • Cash management (process, reconciliation, etc.)
  • Bookkeeping
  • Conduct and maintain compliance
  • NAV calculation and running valuation report
  • Investors reporting
  • Accounting including providing support to and liaising with auditors and tax advisers

Company secretarial/reporting

  • Maintain registers
  • FSC surveys
  • Communication handling
  • Compliance and MLRO reporting which includes risk reporting
  • Prepare documents for inspections
  • Filing of addendums where required
  • Filing of interim and final accounts

Licence application – Specialised financial activities

The specialised activities Licence application service refers to the application of licences required for the operation of specific financial activities. This service is offered to new entities and existing entities that wish to broaden their operations by providing specialised financial service. We also offer assistance to those considering re-domiciliation of their specialised activities under the Mauritius regulations.

To be granted a specialised licence within a reasonable timeframe, it is important to appoint the right corporate service provider. You want a team with expertise in preparing your application files and qualified professionals to analyse your business model.

During a specialised licence application, our services begin with an assessment of the activities to be conducted or being already offered and the future plans of the business. Such assessment is crucial in determining the licence that will fit your business model.

Once the structure has been designed and type of licence defined, we start the application process by:

  • Conducting due diligence on all parties involved. This is a licence requirement that might sound like an excessive task but rest assured that such prerequisite is tantamount to the good reputation of your business on the long term from a compliance viewpoint.
  • Drafting of operation agreements, policies, operation manuals, code of ethics, corporate governance manual and other documentation and getting them reviewed by the legal counsel in Mauritius for the issuance of relevant legal certificates.
  • Finalising the application and submitting to the authorities.
  • Following up and attending to FSC queries until licence is received.

At this point, having successfully passed the nascent stage, we embark on an uninterrupted journey by providing full administrative support and assistance for the good running of your operation while ensuring that your business remains in compliance at all given times.