Nominee Services

Our nominee services are provided not only as a measure of protecting the clients’ identity with enhanced confidentiality but also for a variety of structural arrangements while retaining legal ownership for the ultimate beneficiaries through nominee and bare trust agreements and power of attorney certified by a notary.

In some cases, nominee services are provided to individuals abroad where non-resident status is required for tax purposes.

Nominee Shareholder

One crucial element in appointing a nominee shareholder is to warrant that the beneficial owner has all the instruments required to remove or replace the nominee shareholder from office at any time.

With Blue Azurite as a licensed management company, regulated by the FSC, you can rest assured of a professional service, where all agreements are appropriately drafted for the beneficial owners to retain control and the nominee service to end smoothly as and when required.

Nominee Director

We provide our clients with non-executive directors who are highly qualified individuals having a proven track record in handling corporate governance matters and the ability to chair board meetings of international companies.

By signing the nominee agreements, we ensure that our directors act in good faith, maintain confidentiality, avoid conflicts, do not misuse company’s assets and do not act beyond their authority.

Appointment of nominee

We have an ongoing due diligence and compliance obligations as a regulated management company. Before appointing an individual or Blue Azurite as nominee, we go through a screening process and we recommend that you conduct a screening as well.

During the screening process, we conduct a thorough assessment of the existing and proposed revenue streams and sources of wealth of the individuals as well as the corporations for whom we will act as nominee.

Activities not covered

From a risk management perspective, we do not provide nominee services in the following fields:

  • Adult content and pornography (online and offline)
  • Alternative payment systems
  • Churches and charities
  • Crypto currencies
  • Online and offline gambling
  • Insurance companies and brokers
  • Precious metals
  • Online colleges and universities
  • Weapons and arms dealing
  • Pharmaceutical products