Ship Registration

The Mauritius Flag

As part of its commitment to fulfilling its role in the international maritime arena, the government of Mauritius provides full support for vessel registration while ensuring that relevant legal and safety requirements are met. As such, vessels engaged in international trade and other commercial activities are welcome to fly the Mauritius flag.

GPS Coordinates

20.3484 S, 57.5522 E

Port of Registry

Port Louis – under the aegis of the Ministry of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping.

Exclusive Economic Zone


2.3 million SqKm – SW Indian Ocean and a co-managed continental shelf area of 365,000 SqKm with Seychelles.

Natural Resources

Mauritius EEZ is home to the second largest stock of tuna resources. The island is recognised as a key player in the exportation of canned tuna to EU and USA.

Mauritius is a member of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and a signatory to all major international conventions.

Types of permit

  • Provisional
    Allows for temporary registration for a period not exceeding 3 months.
  • Permanent
    Where the ship is permanently registered in the Mauritius Registry and issued with a carving and marking note.
  • Parallel (Bareboat)
    Ships registered in a foreign registry and chartered by a Mauritian company may be registered in Mauritius for the period of the charter


  • Remote registrationno need to be physically present

    ⇒ No need for a foreign ship to be physically present in Mauritius for registration to take effect.
    ⇒ A foreign vessel flying the Mauritius flag is not required to use the Mauritius port.
  • Crew

    ⇒ No work permit required
    ⇒ No restrictions on the nationality of the crew
  • Bareboat registration

    ⇒ Chartered ship can be registered
    A Mauritius offshore company (Global Business Company – GBC) can register a foreign vessel when the vessel is bareboat chartered for less than 12 months.
  • Mortgage – Protection Provisions

    ⇒ A ship registered in Mauritius may be given as mortgage for security.
    ⇒ Owners and mortgages are fully protected by the provisions of the relevant regulations in Mauritius.


  • Foreign vessels registered under the Mauritian flag are exempt from taxes on freight earnings.
  • Dividends paid from a shipping company are free from withholding tax.
  • No tax to be paid on capital gains upon the sale of shares or transfer of a ship.
Other benefits
  • Ship’s stores, consumables, spare parts and bunkers are exempted from customs and excise duties.
  • Exemption from income tax if the income is derived from deep sea international trade only.
  • All personnel working on a Mauritian flag ship are exempted from paying income tax.