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A société is a partnership which consists of two or more partners with unlimited liabilities and formed for a specific purpose. Such partnership is known as as Société en nom collectif in Mauritius and is governed by The Code de Commerce Act.

A Société resident in Mauritius is not liable to tax, instead every partner of the société is liable to tax on his shares of income, whether distributed or not.

A société that acquire offshore status by holding a global business licence (GBL), benefits from preferential tax rates and is liable to pay tax under CSR.


A société can be established as a Société Commerciale or Société en nom collectif et en commandite or as a Société Civile for a duration not exceeding 99 years. The partners may at any time before the expiry of the duration period, renew, extend or dissolve the partnership. The name of the société should consist of the names of one or more partners and should end with “et compagnie”

  • Management liability:

    All partners are managers unless otherwise stipulated in the deed constituting the partnership. Where a juridical person is appointed as manager of the société, it will be liable to the same level of liability as the partners.

  • Transfer of shares:

    Shares of a société are not considered as negotiable securities and can only be transferred with the consent of all partners.

    Non managing partners have the rights to the financials of the societe twice a year

  • Disclosure:

    The deed of a société is filed with the Registrar and is accessible for public inspection.

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